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Mar 20, 2024
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In the heart of North Carolina, where the sweet sounds of collaboration intertwine with musical passion, the story of Eastern Music Festival (EMF) and Steinway Piano Galleries unfolds like a beautifully composed symphony.

“It all began in 2018 when Chris Williams, EMF Executive Director, reached out to us,” reminisces Katherine Love, President/Owner of Steinway Piano Gallery-Carolinas. “From this first introduction, we knew that we wanted to join forces with EMF as this festival truly is North Carolina’s musical treasure. For five glorious weeks, EMF provides educational programs with top faculty for 270+ young people from all over the country and the world. There are upwards of sixty concerts by world-renowned artists as well as talks, student concerts and more. The cultural impact of this festival on the community is immeasurable and has been for 60 years.”

“As the official piano provider of EMF, we place 20 (or more) upright and grand pianos in practice rooms, collaboration areas, teaching studios and on stages,” Katherine continues.

EMF and Steinway’s partnership extends beyond the keys. Steinway also actively promotes EMF through various channels, including social media, flyers, and emails. Each summer, the Greensboro gallery even transforms into a stage for student concerts, creating a unique space where the harmonies of young talents blend seamlessly with the elegance of Steinway pianos.

The culmination of this musical journey is marked by the festival piano sale at the end of each season, where the melodies played on these Steinway instruments find a home with music enthusiasts who wish to carry a piece of EMF’s magic with them.

With each passing season, the impact of EMF on Greensboro becomes more palpable. “We witness the appreciation and excitement of these events by piano teachers, area professors, students, and area music lovers. The high quality of the performers and programming pulls people from outside of Greensboro to the community- the festival energizes the area,” continues Katherine.

In the hallowed halls of Steinway’s galleries, stories abound of individuals whose summers were shaped by EMF. “We frequently meet people who spent their summers as students at EMF. We have seen EMF continue to grow such that it now works with even more students than it did when we first began our partnership.”

“We are truly honored to partner with an organization such as EMF. It is a gift to the community as well as an incredible learning opportunity for the young, talented musicians who attend,” concludes Katherine. And as the notes of gratitude and collaboration echo through the corridors of musical history, the partnership between Eastern Music Festival and Steinway continues to compose a symphony of shared passion, talent, and enduring commitment to the transformative power of music.
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