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Two Podcasts That Explain Email For Musicians


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Mar 20, 2024
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Amongst all the pressure of social media, Spotify numbers, and live performance stands one of the most overlooked and powerful ways to make money as a musician in 2024.

And you can even do it without leaving the house.

Of course I’m talking about email lists.

An email list serves as a direct line of communication with fans, fostering deeper connections and meaningful engagement. It turns fans to superfans and offers you a way to share exclusive content, announce new releases, promote merch, and even successfully crowdfund projects.

Now when was the last time your social media did that?

And yet, the email list is still so misunderstood

So, I’m sharing two of my favorite podcasts where I dive deep on the step by step of how to build an email list so you can get started ASAP and start seeing the benefits.

How to Launch and Manage a Successful Email List with Ariel Hyatt (The Jazz Spotlight Podcast w/ Yannick Ilunga)

A few years ago I was a guest on the fantastic Jazz Spotlight Podcast, and the advice in this podcast is still very relevant.

We discuss how having a newsletter is a must for every musician. Yes, a newsletter is still crucial.

I have recently also been talking about email nurturing which is just as important as ever.

The Jazz Spotlight Podcast Covers

  • Why having an email list is a MUST for musicians​

  • Different lead magnets you can give your fans in exchange for their email address​

  • The tools you can use to launch and manage your email list​

  • The best days and times to send your newsletter​

  • What to think about when writing the subject line of your emails​

  • Ariel’s tips on how to engage your tribe​

  • How to monetize through your email list​

How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams (w/ Emily White)

I adore Emily White, and getting to chat with her on her podcast about how to build a sustainable music career and actually make money from your passion was a blast.

We discuss how your newsletter is the only place you can ask for money and get it. Not social media, not Spotify. Email.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

How to Build a Sustainable Music Career Podcast Covers:

  • How Amanda Palmer used her email list to raise one million dollars for her crowdfunding campaign​

  • The #1 thing that stops artists from building an email list (and how to overcome it)​

  • Permission to get off TikTok and get into something you’re comfortable with​

  • Using text messaging to market​

  • An example of a compelling (and simple) social media post that garnered record breaking likes​

  • How to take your fans on a journey with you​

  • The most effective ways to capture emails​

  • Using email to market to your most loyal fans​

  • Helping fans understand that every dollar counts, and their support really does make a difference​

Organizing Your Newsletters is part of your Social and marketing strategy. Download my SMM Organizer to get started!

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