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Waiting for your arrival…


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Mar 20, 2024
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In just a few days the Spring ICTE class of 2020 will be arriving to begin their On-going formation! We are expecting 32 priests. It is quite a diverse group! They originate from 13 different countries and they work in 21 different dioceses and 4 religious orders! Their average age is 54. We can’t wait to welcome them to the Casa O’Toole!! Pina and Marco have been freshening up the house! Antonella has been putting all the details in place…and Fr. Edward has just been sitting on the park bench in front of the Casa O’Toole waiting for the new priests to arrive! Pray that everyone arrives safely!


Fr. Edward sitting on the park bench. It’s a beautiful day in Rome!

Pina has been freshening up the house!

Antonella has been busy putting name tags on the doors and putting welcome folders in the rooms.

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