The Best Spots to Visit in Ireland According to Your Preferences

Ireland is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a massive tourist attraction, as it caters to various tourist needs. Dublin or Glasgow are two of the best spots to visit in Ireland for those interested in the big city feel. For those who are more interested in quiet farmlands and being tucked away from the city, Country Antrim is a wonderfully quiet spot or for those looking for majestic sights, where the cliff sides are jarring and the ocean is roaring, Northwest Mayo is a ticket.

With so many different spots to choose from, it can be tricky to try and choose the best one simply based on gut feeling. Research is crucial in making the choice, which is exactly what this article aims to convey: helpful research. 

City Escapes

For those looking to immerse themselves in busy city streets and crowded parks and markets, places like Dublin, Cork, Glasgow, or Belfast could be great options for you. These cities are the most important cities in Ireland, with Dublin being the capital. When visiting a typical Irish city, you can look forward to excellent Irish cuisine, a fast-paced and cosmopolitan city (with a twist of Irish twang), and some of the strongest accents you’ll ever hear. 

The Irish are known for some of the best food, which you can either enjoy at one of their many food markets or a local pub. Look out for the classic Soda Bread and Irish Stew, as these are so delicious that they will leave you hungry for more. The cities themselves boast excellent public transportation, interesting museums, and many well-kept parks. The only thing you need to look out for when roaming around is the Irish accent, which is known as one of the most fantastic in the English language. 

Furthermore, just as with any city, there are many night events you can visit. You can either pop into a game of poker or slots on if you fancy trying your luck in the country that is known as the ‘four leaf clover’ city. Or you can go and spend time at one of the many comedy pubs that boast some of the funniest acts out there. Beyond that, there are some great fine dining restaurants you can visit in Dublin or Glasgow, which could round off your trip very well. 

Out Into Fresh Air

The exciting thing about Ireland is the fact that it has a few big cities, which are almost as cosmopolitan as New York in their stature and pace, however, Ireland hasn’t forgotten its roots, which is the great outdoors. Surprisingly enough, Ireland has some of the most exquisite outdoor landscapes that you could hardly even dream up, they’re that spectacular. 

Castles everywhere are some of the best spots to visit in IrelandCastles everywhere are some of the best spots to visit in Ireland
Castles everywhere are some of the best spots to visit in Ireland

Take the area of Donegal for example, where tourists can take a drive along the scenic Donegal Bay to the Slieve League cliffs and see the most beautiful views. Donegal is known for its stoic castle, perched at the end of one of the cliffs, which when visiting, takes you back to centuries ago, it is so well-preserved. Donegal also has a small town and quite a lively yearly festival, so it’s suited for those who want to explore the outdoors but also want some civilization. They’re also one of the few remaining spots to encourage the preservation of the Gaelic tongue, which is still spoken in that region. 

Sligo is another area that is amazing to visit. For those looking for a more beachy getaway, whilst wanting to soak up some relaxing time looking out at the rolling fields of farmland, all whilst seeing the looming mountain that stands behind like a rigid and awesome statue, then Sligo is for you. It is ideal for those seeking solace on the sandy beaches but it is equally enjoyable for anyone wanting to partake in a solid hike through the mountains. 

If you would really like to get away from the crowds, then consider Inishowen Peninsula, which is situated around 170 miles northwest of Dublin. Due to its location being rather far away, many do not take the time (or have the luxury of time) to take the train or drive up to the Peninsula. However, if you can make it, definitely do as it is one of the most breathtaking spots on this earth. 

Three natural wonders form part of the Inishowen Peninsula, namely the Malin Head, Trawbreaga Bay, and the Gap of Mamore. Stand atop the cliffs on the Peninsula and see the dark sea below brewing and the majestic mountain-like islands that sit in the ocean as these blocks of power. 

Final Thoughts About the Best Spots to Visit in Ireland

Ireland has to be one of the most diverse countries to visit. Few places offer you the bustling city energy whilst also still giving you a chance to run away from all that and find yourself in one of the most stunning natural outdoor spots ever.

Ireland is a great place to go on a fun adventure, move from city to city with the train, and stay at backpackers or Airbnbs along the way. But what makes it so special is that it is also a fantastic spot to simply settle in an Irish cottage on a farm, far away from anyone, and enjoy sipping a morning coffee amongst the cattle. Regardless of where you find yourself in Ireland, fun is to be had. 

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